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The vb protect | medical face shields have been on the market since May 2020. Dental prostheticians, orthodontists, dentists and dental hygienists have tested the face shields thoroughly, sometimes for weeks, and provided us their feedback*. This allowed us to take their commentary and remarks into consideration for the final production stage. The face shields are manufactured in collaboration with another Dutch producer. Our customers have faith in us. Three generations long and 75 years strong!

*Survey among dental prostheticians, orthodontists, dentists and dental hygienists, April 2020

I have been wearing the face shield in my practice for ten days, on an average of six hours a day. Wearing magnifying glasses underneath the face shield did not hinder. I would say my personal rating of the shield are good to very good. The comfort of the tailor-made elastic closure at the back is a big plus for me.
Orthodontist and board member of the professional organization of orthodontics

We have tested various face shields in our practice. Some were eliminated straight away, as, for example, they pressed too heavily on the forehead or they weren’t clear enough. The vb protect | medical face shield meets all of our requirements. One major advantage of this face shield is that it can be worn with glasses underneath.
Orthodontist in Utrecht. Specialized in orthodontics for children with a disability or impairment

We have been wearing face masks within our hairdressing salon, partly because it made our customers feel more comfortable. However, these face masks made us feel incredibly suffocated. Wearing these new shields feels so much more comfortable. They are safe, easy to handle, and lightweight. They aren’t limiting and don’t feel very clinical. It’s more like wearing glasses. It also makes communicating with our customers easier, as they can see what we’re saying. Honestly, I didn’t expect we would like these so much. Definitely recommended!
Edwin Nienhuis, Le Figaro Haaradviseurs (hair salon) in Enschede (NL)

In our dental hygiene practice, we wear these face shields to our full satisfaction. They are lightweight, comfortable, easy to disinfect and do not touch your face, even while moving. You can see well through them and they fit perfectly as the size is adjustable. This face shield is an absolute must!
Oral Hygiene Practice Kroep, Enschede

During my job I deal with healthy and oncological patients. In addition to beauty treatments, I also provide (semi) permanent make-up treatments. These are cosmetic and medical treatments like eyebrows, eyeliners, lips (cleft lip and palate), scar correction and 3D areola. A natural result is important to me.

Of course, in vulnerable times like these, safety and mutual trust are paramount. When communicating with my customers, I prefer wearing a face shield solely so that we can see each other’s facial expressions. Wearing face masks is not always pleasant, as this can make you feel out of breath or even cause a headache. During the treatment itself I wear both a face mask and face shield, since I’m in very close proximity to the customer.

I like the shield because it is so lightweight. After some time you don’t even notice you’re wearing something on your head, which makes working with it very enjoyable. I can recommend it to everyone!
Regina van Amerongen, Regina Beauty Institute

In itself it’s a good device, it fits well and can be worn comfortably for a long time. It’s easy to handle too. What I am concerned about is the protection that the shield provides for the surgeon in the OR. I think there’s a lot of space underneath the shield, which allows aerosols to be able to enter quite easily. Especially while performing actions in which the head is turned upwards, this is an important point of attention. I don’t really know what the guidelines are.
Trauma surgeon Utrecht

Response vb protect: the trauma surgeon tested the standard face shield and not the extended version. The taller shield may be an option for standing professions. For traumatology specifically, a completely closed mask – not produced by us – might be an option.


Face shield weight when worn

Shield size
Proper sizing

Freedom of movement while wearing the face shield
Good to very good

Screen interchangeability after use
Very good

Purification with 80% alcohol

Convenience of closing the elastic closure on the back of the head

Wearing comfort

Are you missing a soft strip on the inside of the headband?
80% no, 20% yes

How much do you value the fact that these face shield are recycable? recyclebaar zijn?

How much do you value the fact tact that these face shields are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands?
Important/very important

The headbands, shields, as well as the packaging materials are all recycable.

The owners/employees of vb protect value honest and sincere communication. A deal is a deal. Above references are truthful. With some reference providers it has been agreed that names will not be mentioned, however the location of the practice or hospital concerned are allowed to be displayed.