face shield | vb protect

The vb protect | medical face shields have been on the market since May 2020. Dental prostheticians, orthodontists, dentists and dental hygienists have tested the face shields thoroughly, sometimes for weeks, and provided us their feedback*. This allowed us to take their commentary and remarks into consideration for the final production stage. The face shields are manufactured in collaboration with another Dutch producer. Our customers have faith in us. Three generations long and 75 years strong!

*Survey among dental prostheticians, orthodontists, dentists and dental hygienists, April 2020

Face Shield Standard

Face Shield Tall

Two different sizes of face shields

By wearing a vb face shield, medical professionals,
healthcare workers, service providers and other people in
professions that involve contact with others are protected from
the micro-organisms that may be released when people cough,
sneeze, or even speak. It also prevents them from touching their face with their hands and being infected that way. These face shields serve to protect both healthcare workers and clients or patients. They are appreciated for their wearing comfort, visual clarity, and how easy they are to switch out.

There are two different sizes of face shields available. We distinguish between ‘sedentary’ and ‘standing’ professions.